Little Known Facts about Las Vegas Casinos

Whether you have been there or not, we are all familiar with Las Vegas. The lights, the shows, the excitement. We have seen it on TV and in movies. We’ve all dreamed of going there and changing our lives forever. Its like another world, there is so much to see and so much to do! We’ve heard of celebrity couples getting married there on a whim, only to divorce days later. We imagine the casinos, and what do we think of? Huge jackpots, people turning small amounts of money in to fortunes of a lifetime, and people dressed up in exquisite clothes sitting at the table games counting cards. We think we know all there is to know about Sin City and the casinos that line the strip. But do we really? There are some wild facts about Las Vegas Casinos that you probably didn’t know until now!

* Fed-Ex was saved by its founder, who gambled in Las Vegas to raise money for the company. In 1973, the company was struggling and had only $5000 in assets. It founder decided to fly to Las Vegas and use that money to gamble and make profits for the company. It worked. He raised over $11 million and saved the company. And the rest is history!

* The Vdara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has a reflective surface which concentrates the sun’s rays into a “death ray”. This creates dangerously hot areas around the hotel pool. It explains why guests always leave with a great tan!

* Many of us assume that employees of any company are honest and true to the company. Not so much in Las Vegas Casinos. 34% of theft and fraud in casinos in Las Vegas is committed by casino employees. Kind of hard to believe, but true!

* Howard Hughes once booked the entire top two floors of the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. After staying longer than his reservation allowed, he was asked by the hotel manager to leave. He in turn bought the hotel and Casino for $13 million.

* Everyone loves the way the golden windows look at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. What most people don’t know is that the windows got their coloring from actual gold dust.

* A really crazy fact about casinos in Las Vegas is that all the numbers on a roulette table add up to 666! Don’t believe it? Grab a calculator and add them up!

* One of the most common casino crimes in Las Vegas is dealers trying to steal chips. For that reason, you may have noticed dealers acting somewhat strange whenever they leave the table. Upon leaving, they must show their hands to the camera, which is commonly referred to as “dusting their hands” to show that they are not walking off with valuable chips.

* Anyone who has been to the Mirage or Mandalay Bay may have noticed the coconut smell wafting through the casino. Whenever anyone asks an employee if they pump this scent through the air system, they will always reply with a “no”. Well, they are lying! Devices manufactured by Aroma Systems, Inc. do exactly that, and the Mirage and Mandalay Bay are listed as two of their biggest clients!

* Most people go to Las Vegas for a good time, not to scare themselves. However, many Las Vegas Casinos are said to be haunted! At the Luxor Hotel, three men were killed during construction. Ever since completion and the opening of the hotel, there have been reports of a ghost roaming the hallways. At the Flamingo Hotel, it has been reported that the ghost of Bugsy Siegel has been seen. Although Bugsy was killed in Los Angeles, people believe that ghosts return to places they once loved. There have also been ghost sightings at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. 84 people were killed there during the fire of 1980. There have been many ghost sightings in the older sections of this hotel and casino. People have also reported seeing the ghost of Elvis Presley backstage where he used to perform at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino. The ghost of Justin Pierce has been seen at the Bellagio, the hotel and casino where he committed suicide by hanging himself in one of the rooms. Also, the ghost of John Entwistle has been seen at the Hard Rock hotel and Casino. He died there in 2002.

* There was a river around the casino at the Luxor when it opened. However, guests complained about the long wait for the ferry to the elevator. As a result, the hotel and casino decided to let people walk to the elevator, and kept the river as a ride called the Nile River Adventure. It was removed in 1995.

There you have it! Fun facts about Las Vegas Casinos that you didn’t know!

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7 Secrets You Will Not Want to Know About Las Vegas

There is a statement that most people have heard the Las Vegas statement “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Las Vegas, Nevada is known as Sin City. It’s also known to have the most incredible casinos and hotels, a myriad of attractions, delicious food, cool drinks, and spectacular entertainment. During the day, most visitor’s look for a pool to dive in, due to the extremely hot temperatures or take a stroll down the Las Vegas strip, shop or attend an event.

The popular hotels in Las Vegas range from Caesar’s Palace, MGM Grand, Bellagio, Venetian Resort Hotel, Bally’s, Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino, Excalibur, Luxor, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, Marriott’s Grand Chateau, Mandarin Oriental, The Mirage, and many others.

With all the grandiose talk, Las Vegas also has many secrets, that you didn’t know about. There are many things that happen in Las Vegas that is sometimes scary, weird, and sometimes you would be glad to know, but nevertheless they are considered secrets. It’s a place where millions of people flock to per year, and there are things you should know.

Let’s discuss 7 secrets that happens in Las Vegas:

1) Las Vegas have millions of visitors, but over 1,000 of them die and never get a chance to return home. It is reported that 67% of deaths in Las Vegas are by accident, 11% are from homicides, and 15% commit suicide. The weird part about someone dying in a hotel room, is that many of the bodies are relocated; because authorities demand that the hotel quarantine the room for at least two-weeks. Based on this process, the bodies are removed from rooms, and relocated on the hotel grounds, to avoid this mandate.

2) Many casinos are making it hard to win blackjack. The secret is to find out whether or not the dealers are using the game payout of 6.5 or 3.2. If the answer from the dealer is 6.5, don’t play.

3) The best location to gamble in Las Vegas is a town called the Boulder Strip. The place is located in North Las Vegas, and is a favorite place for blackjack players.

4) Hotels try to keep suicides a secret in Las Vegas. Many visitor’s come to escape financial woes, and try to gamble their way out of money miseries. After several attempts to gamble, many loose all of their fortune and steer towards suicide to escape their doomed path. One of the main hotels, who experience the most suicides is the Luxor Hotel, because the way it is shaped. it has been deemed horrific, but it happens a lot. Many visitors have seen many people plunge to their deaths, as they commit suicide at the Luxor Hotel.

5) Casino maintenance staff check each chair when cleaning, to see if gamblers have urinated on the seats. They use a high-powered device, which dry and clean the chairs. When customers complain, they are sometimes told that some have spilled a drink on the chair. If the visitors only knew, they would move onto another seat to avoid sitting in someone else mess.

6) Lot’s of sex happens in Las Vegas. The maintenance staff have to clean off everything from the bed, furniture, tables, the floor, counters, and even against the walls. Housekeepers have to work very hard to keep hotel rooms clean, because there is visual evidence that intimacy has taken place. Sometimes, the comforter where most of the action takes place, is not cleaned- so be careful about laying on bed where you will lay your head during your stay.

There is also a special bin that many hotels have, where they go around and collect sex toys, which visitors have left behind. There are thousands of sex toys, which are left behind, when the hotel guest leave. There are many laughs and heads that shake, who collect these toys, which are used for intimacy.

7) The good news about Las Vegas is that every casino has a loyalty program and a player’s club. When you sign up for these programs, you can enjoy offers such as free or discounted items. These offers can be used for entertainment, shopping, gambling, food, and many other things in Las Vegas. Many of these programs can also be used as benefits in popular hotels and casinos like- Monte Carlo, Excalibur, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Rio, Harrah’s, Paris Las Vegas, MGM Grand, Imperial Palace, and many more.

You can also save with programs, which gears towards reduced hotel rates, special events, or you can receive coupons books for shopping at Las Vegas Premium Outlets, use online, and you can join the VIP Shopper’s Club, where you can save on many purchases. You can receive many of these offers from the hotels or casinos where you stay, or go online and search for discounted coupons and savings for a trip to Las Vegas.